Through the gift of a teddy bear, Caring for Children initiates a healing process that enables a traumatized child to deal with their difficult circumstances more effectively. Working with partners offering direct concrete physical services, Caring for Children provides a dimension of psychological well being. Starting with a Teddy Bear that provides the child in fantasy what they have lost in reality, we then help the child explore their feelings of loss with " Color Your Feelings " a therapeutic activity book that offers psychological support and emotional relief.


     ​  Caring for Children (founded in 1985) is a 501 (c)3 non-profit created to address the emotional and psychological needs of traumatized children. These vulnerable youngsters include those that are homeless, abused, migrant, refugee, and orphaned. They all need a sense that someone cares. Caring for Children has designed several low-cost interventions that reduce anxiety and build cognitive and social coping skills. Our initial signature intervention is a therapeutic Teddy Bear that the child can hold onto when feeling sad, lonely, afraid, or abandoned. 

     Our Mission is both to help the traumatized children directly and to reduce the number of children traumatized by educating the public and introducing training materials that reduce anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity, bedwetting, and nightmares. Our commitment is to End Child Trauma Now.



     Jesse Block - Crissy Field Media


     James Garbarino Ph.D. - Professor of Psychology, Loyola University - author of numerous books


     Sharyn Gayton - Graphic designer, Gayton Design


     Noah Griffen - Community leader


      Paul Horton MD - Child psychiatrist and author of "The Solace Paradigm: An Eclectic Search for Psychological Immunity"

     Stewart Levine, Esq - principal, Resolution Works, a conflict resolution, mediation service.


      Suzy Prudden -  Publisher - Itty Bitty Books


     Ilene Serlin Ph.D. - Faculty CIIS, International Trainer in Trauma Reduction Techniques


     Kathleen Mulligan - Executive Leadership and Transformational Coach, Founder of New Wave Leadership, developer of the YLP method (Your Leadership Presence), and multi-passionate entrepreneur 


     Mike Bauer MBA - practitioner and coach of conscious business and social enterprise. Currently,  he is focusing on rural electrification and Productive Use in East Africa. He has an MBA from the University of California Santa Cruz.




      Samantha Grier MSW is the Founder and President of Caring For Children Worldwide, an international non-profit which she created to address the psychological and emotional problems of traumatized children. Based on a post-masters training program from the National Institute of Mental Health, she created a therapeutic intervention using the Teddy Bear as an "emergency medicine" intervention. This program has provided solace to hundreds of thousands of sad, lonely, and frightened children in over twenty countries during the last thirty years.


     She is also an international speaker who has presented at the World Mental Health Forum, The Humanistic Psychology Association as well as The Child Welfare League, and other conferences around the United States. She is the author of a series of training manuals for professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents, as well as two spiritual publications: "Psalms for a Sunny Day" and "Climbing the Sacred Ladder: Your Path to Love, Joy, Peace, and Purpose".


     Geoffrey Shaskan Ph.D., LCSW has 45 years of experience in clinical social work and supervision, administration, and teaching. Past Chair of the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Association and the Saville Institute, he has worked at Langley Porter, Cal State Hayward, C Hope, and Marin General among other mental health settings. He is not only Treasurer of Caring For Children but has worked internationally with a variety of programs in Tanzania including Global Connections.

     Dr. Gilbert Kliman, M.D, medical director of The Children's Psychological Health Center and winner of the 2019 Humanitarian Award from the American Psychoanalytic sector, author of a series of Personal Life Story Therapeutic Activity Books, and other award-winning books 

     Dr. Henry Massie M.D, a child psychiatrist in private practice, author of Diagnostic Tools for Early Child Evaluation.

     Lara Ettenson, M.P.A, senior analyst at National Resource Defense Council

     Robert Simms, Esq. co-founder of Caring For Children is a lawyer, businessman, real estate developer, and artist. He was a long time Board Member of Hanna Boys Residential Center as well as a steadfast supporter of Caring For Children for over thirty years.