Caring for Children Worldwide addresses the emotional and psychological needs of traumatized children at home and abroad by providing direct comfort, solace and support in the form of specially designed trauma reduction interventions.

Caring for Children Worldwide seeks to raise public awareness about the importance for society to recognize and respond to the needs of vulnerable children.

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Caring for Children Worldwide Jefferson Award Feature

Caring for Children Worldwide has recently received KPIX 5's Jefferson Award! Follow  this link below to learn more.

Caring For Children was established in 1985 to fill a serious gap in services to children in crisis. Although many human serviceagencies  address the basic survival needs of distressed children, none has sufficient resources or mandate to focus on the youngster’s considerable emotional and psychological needs necessary to help them cope with the deprivation and trauma of their daily lives.  Our signature program is the "Teddy Bear Trauma Reduction Project" which gives desperate children something to hold on to when they are sad, lonely or afraid.
In addition to providing direct emotional support to youngsters living in difficult circumstances, Caring for Children (CFC) offers technical support to front-line agencies, and educates the public
the importance of preparing psychologically healthy children for future generations.

SFChronicle Article:
"Syrian refugee children get 5,000 teddy bears, thanks to SF woman"

“The teddy bear gives the child something to hold onto when there is no adult around to help them process their emotions — when you’re sad, lonely or
afraid, when you’re not getting cuddled by your parents, when you’re by yourself.”
–Samantha Grier, Founder and President

photo courtesy of ​Stephen Lam